IPPA Quality-of-Life® based Social Responsibility Project Design

“Customers want brands to improve their “Quality of Life”. 

According to survey results, 75% of consumers believe that brands should play a role in improving their “quality of life.”

Such brands outperform the stock market by %206 over a ten year period.”

IPPA is leading the way in designing social responsibility projects and initiatives that are rising on the pillars of  “Quality-of-Life”, which is based on the science of Positive Psychology.

If your company is interested in designing communications, sustainability, social responsibility, employer branding programs that bring lasting impact, then IPPA Quality of Life Model is the best strategic model in fostering thriving businesses and communities.

IPPA is the only communications consulting firm to offer Quality-of-Life based Social Responsibility projects. If you are interested in acquiring our know-how, please contact us.