Corporate Social Brand Construct

What will make some companies wildly successful while others flop?

While most marketers, corporate communications and human resources executives agree that purpose needs to be part of a successful brand building strategy, they are less certain about how to get there.

Successful brands understand that they have to become an aspirational force for social good. They understand that doing social good is more than philanthropy or social responsibility or creating employee engagement.

Future oriented brands understand that building a Corporate Social Brand construct is about having a social purpose integrated into the DNA of the organizations. It is about designing an integrated marketing, branding and communications strategy plus an executing framework. Such companies do understand that this is their new license to operate, grow and thrive.

IPPA is leading the way in building Corporate Social Brands, rising on the pillars of IPPA Quality-of-Life Model–a management model based on the science of Positive Psychology.

As IPPA, we believe that the Corporate Social Brand construct is most comprehensive and best achieved when based on the pillars of IPPA Quality-of-Life Model.

Functional brands and emotional brands will continue to exist. However brands that thrive will be those who raise their customers’ and the society’s quality of life. We call it the “Corporate Social Brand“. Based on the science of positive psychology, we show you the dimensions of “IPPA Quality-of-Life” and present how to alter  your strategy, planning and communications to build customer advocacy.

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