Fostering Culture Change For Growth

-During Digital Transition Periods and M&As,

-Through Entrepreneurial Organization Design, Strategic Communications Planning & Project Design

How Entrepreneurial is Your Organization?

Many companies plaster their workplaces with newly formed slogans, bring in entertainers, put together events and repeat these slogans in all-hands meetings as a way to show employees that the way they work is changing.

Others build new offices, paint the walls in colors, and hang artworks. Most recently, semi-flexible work, remote work and semi-work from home models started to emerge. All are very nice improvements, but barely indicate culture change.

If you or your leadership teams are inclined to think that such improvements are a sign of culture change, we urge you to think again.

We are experts in culture change initiatives through designing entrepreneurial organizations, strategic communications and project design. We employ unorthodox methods in bringing about change that bring results.