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Being Social is a good thing!

One of the major determinants of a good life is social connections. 

One of the major determinants of a reputable company is how leaders connect with the society at large.

The use of social media by corporate leaders for effectice internal and external communications has proven to have critical outcomes. 

Scholars acknowledge the effects of social media on leadership and reveal that customers will increasingly value a leader or CEO’s commitment to having true conversations with customers, and reward that engagement with trust and loyalty.

Yet, there are leaders who are reluctant to use social media because they perceive such tools as a force only to be used by sales and marketing and are reluctant to ‘jump on the social media bandwagon’ (Oakes, 2012).

Other executives tend to post media coverages on their social media accounts, which are generally not read.

According to research by Harvard, executives who are active on social media are perceived as (1) Proactive (2) Multichannel (3) Conversational (4)  Secure (5)  Responsive (6) Trusting

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