Our Services

Strategic Communications Modeling and Planning

If you are a business executive looking for communications projects with a solid strategy, we design them for you.

We design strategy based digital pr projects that show your stakeholders what your workplace is like and how you do what you do best.

We develop Corporate Social Responsibility projects that foster social brands. Our unique IPPA Quality of Life® approach is based on the foundations of the science of positive psychology.

Corporate Insight Seminars & Trainings


As experienced international executives and keynote speakers, we provide thematic seminars.

Our unique seminars include subjects such as: Human and Cultural Insights, Consumer Insights, The New Human at Work, Becoming Picasso At Work® Quality of Life vs Happiness, Positive Leadership Strategies, Corporate Social Entrepreneurship, Corporate Communications Strategies, Corporate Social Responsibility.

Corporate Social Brand


IPPA is leading the way in building social brands that are rising on the pillars of IPPA Quality of Life® model.

We design programs for companies interested in building thriving brands.

If you are interested in building employer brands that deliver results, customer loyalty programs that foster trust, drive creativity and innovation thru culture change, and corporate social responsibility projects that have lasting impact, IPPA’s Quality of Life model is the best solution to your needs.